Amazing Demarini Voodoo -3 – An Indepth Review Of Demarini Bats

Story of  a young kid who got impressed by Demarini Voodoo -3 baseball bat..Once upon a time there was a little boy that was very passionate about baseball! Every day after school he always got his baseball and bat to practice his game outside his yard! It was his favorite thing to do!

His father was very supportive of his sport like nature and took his son to baseball games all the time. They always had such a great time together! His Dad knew his son was more than just passionate about baseball and would possibly play some day ! His son was quite the serious hitter and did well on the school team! He had many favorite teams and was just a little sports guy!

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Well one day the little boy hit his baseball so hard he cracked his wooden bat. He ran into the house and cried “Daddy! Daddy! My Baseball bat is broken, IT’S BROKEN!” The little boy’s father wiped his son’s tears away and replies “Well son, let’s go get you another baseball bat from the sports shop!” The little boy leaps up for joy and hugs his Dad asking “Really Dad Really?”

They both drive off to the sports shop! They walk into the sports shop and the little boy sees this trophy case with 5 bats inside of it. The little boy points and shouts “OVER HERE DAD OVER HERE!!” “LOOK!” It was then the little boy saw the word” Demarini” glow in his eyes as he gazed up at the trophy case.

The boy screams “DAD! I want a Demarini Voodoo-3 Bat! Can I have one please oh please oh please???” The little boys dad replies “Calm down son, let’s have a look here and talk with a salesman and get a little information “.

Demarini Voodoo -3

The salesman smiles and greets the little boy and his father. “Hello how may I help you?” The little boy interrupts;” we want to buy the Demarini baseball bat please! “The little boy’s father chuckles and says “We would love to take a look at some of your baseball bats you have here in this trophy case.”

The salesman smiles and replies “You got it! “ Looks at the little boy and says “These bats are very special!” then hands the little boy the Demarini Softball Bat. The little boy takes one look at the bat and screams “OH MAN! I WANT THIS ONE DADDY CAN I HAVE IT HUH, HUH?” The little boy’s dad replies “Let’s take a look at the others first before we decide.” So the salesman brings out the Demarini cf5. The boy’s eyes lit up as he saw the next baseball bat. Then the salesman brought the Demarini cf4 -11. The little boy’s heart was pounding trying so hard not to upset his Dad by blurting out any words about which baseball bat he wanted!

The salesman smiled as he knew the little boy had such passion for his baseball bats! His thoughts; what determination this little boy has as he displayed his Demarini Voodoo-3 (youth bat) to the little boy. The little boys face shined as you could see the day dream in his eyes looking at this baseball bat as the salesman passed it to him. The boy got up and started to swing the bat around in amazement like this was the bat for him with such a smile that lit up the sports shop that day. The salesman and the little boy’s father just smiled at each other as they watched the thrilling action happen that day right there in the sports shop, you could almost hear the crowd go wild as the little boy acted as if he hit a home run!

As the boy was still in dream land, the salesman went and got a few more baseball bats to show the little boy so he could make his ultimate decision. He brought the Demarini Vendetta -12 and the Demarini Vexxum -5 out to show the little boy these wonderful baseball bats as well.

By this time, the boy just dropped his jaw and just didn’t know which bat he was going to choose! WOW! What a decision he had to make so the little boy stood for hours simulating each bat over and over and over again. The little boy’s father grew a little impatient and had asked his son to make his dream choice. The little boy gave each baseball bat one last look and chose the Demarini Voodoo-3

The little boy’s father says “Ok Son this is the bat we need to find more information on so we know for sure it’s the ONE for you!”

The little boy’s Dad asks the salesman “What makes this baseball bat so special?” The salesman replies “The Material is half and half Length. The Weight is minus 9 ounces and the Barrel Diameter is 2 5/8″ Diameter Barrel which makes it the most powerful bat in a line up!

Not to mention the RCK Knob; this is one of the best features on the voodoo. It is also fine-tuned with the X10 Aluminium Alloy Barrel which keeps the weight down and opens up the sweet spot!” The little boys Dad responds “Ok we will take it!”

The little boy jumps up and down as the salesman places his brand new baseball bat in the bag to take home. They drive home and the little boy asks his Dad if he is able to throw him a few balls. The little boys Dad naturally says yes to his sons request and pitches him a few balls and what do you think happened?

The boy swung and hit the baseball far out of sight with this magical bat he has just bought and stood for a moment and they both had stars in their eyes! They gazed upon each other and smiled as happily as could be.

Demarini Voodoo -3

The little boy fetched another baseball to see if he could do it again! His Dad smiled and laughed with joy that his little boy was happy as ever! This has been one short story of the thrill and passion of one little boy and his love for baseball!

10 years later this little boy became a professional baseball player and later became a coach to teach little boys as he once was to have the same dream – the baseball dream! All because of that one special, magical bat, The Demarini Voodoo-3! Who knew it could hold such magic and be so special? Perhaps you may need to find out and feel the value of Demarini!